We are family.

Thank you for being here. It means a lot.  We are a loud, eccentric, Disney loving, Star wars, homeschooling family.  Welcome!

Jordan & I (Laura) have been married for 13 years.  We have three children-Noah, Rylee and Declan.  They are all uniquely beautiful and we are so incredibly lucky to have them. Nana lives with us, and has for the majority of our marriage and for as long as my children can remember.

Laura (Me)- I have an enormous passion for learning and for being a better version of who I was yesterday.  I am a travel agent specializing in Disney and other luxury destination planning.  I get the enormous pleasure of doing this while I homeschool my children.   Things I love: running, dark chocolate, tacos, leggings, Disney,  non-fiction and good friends. Things I hate:  food with eyes, preventable suffering, socks.

Jordan– Jordan is a drafter and a saber builder! He builds sabers for custom design and also has a few on sale for his customers.  He loves over-landing, the history channel, star wars movies and drinks with friends.  Things he loves: His family, his xterra, sweet tarts, saber dueling.  Things he hates: messes, inconsistencies, mango salsa.


Nana-Nana is the glue that holds us together. She is our protector and our light She is an amazing part of our incredible little family. Things she loves: family, coffee, Christmas, children.  Things she hates: accepting help, olives.

Noah– Noah is 12. He is funny, lighthearted, knows how to push people’s buttons in an instant, can make you laugh till you cry, is great at math and has a compassionate, kind heart. Things he loves: Mocha Java Frapps,  sleeping in, music, youtube.  Things he hates: schoolwork, being told no,writing.


Rylee– Rylee is 10 and is our middle child, and our only girl.  She is fierce, diligent, just and true.  She fights hard for her friends and loves them intensely.  She is talented in sewing and art.  Things she loves: sewing, cats (we don’t have cats), chocolate, baking. Things she hates: reading, running, and hanging with her brothers.


Declan-Declan is 5.  Declan is from Saturn.  Declan is actually 100 years old but he came here to start life over because he had way to many toys on Saturn and there were too many dogs there.  That’s where they make dogs.  He crash landed on my stomach and that’s how I became his mom.  Things he loves:  Skylanders, power-rangers, his friends, co-op.  Things he hates: vegetables, being told no.


Our tribe is so much fun! We hope to share our lives, our journey, our businesses with you and yours. Stay tuned for more.



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