I had to do dining reservations this morning for a few families that are traveling in June, so I am up early. Typically I’ve been taking advantage of the opportunity to sleep until 8, until little footsteps come creaking into my room, and tiny giggle la abound-telling me that I am not going to believe what Jingles did this morning.

This morning, I have had a few moments of peace. Coffee in hand, publishing to social media, in awe of the Christmas decor and the magic of Christmas. A child in one of my groups that I coach came into my house earlier in the season and said “it looks like Santa’s workshop in here”. My thoughts-EXACTLY what I was going for. Anyways, sitting here in the stillness, the quite, gives me time to reflect on my abundance.

Like most family’s this time of year, it’s been a juggling act of time, finances, responsibilities. I finally finished the last few things that I had to do for the year (yesterday). There hasn’t been a lot of peace. But in the chaos, and in the absence of it, all I can say is WOW!

I’ve had 14 christmases with a man I love! 14. My mom gets to have a safe, comfortable (sometimes annoying) home to live in. I have three kids, that are thriving and all so special. I look at my tree and see everything under there. All the gifts that my children have bought for their friends, that have been sent to us by friends, that we bought for friends for a Christmas party we are hosting and can’t believe how lucky I am. The presents merely represent the enormous presence of friends in our lives and how much we honor and love them. This year, don’t look at your presents as things-see them for what they are.

They are a physical, tangible way to hold someone else’s love for you! Merry Christmas!


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