Cuddle Day

These things are real and I didn’t make them up.  Guys, if you could see the joy on my daughter’s face when she said “You can’t say no to cuddles today” and Declan running up to me and saying “it’s cuddle day” and torturing Noah with mommy hugs.  This is the sweet spot of life, where good things happen.

Also, on my news feed- on the same day as cuddle day, a memory video  of my kids singing the dreaded “What Does the Fox Say” when they were 8, 6 and 1. WHAT? How did that even happen.  How are they already 12,10 and 5. My heart.  The video belonged to our late friend who passed too soon, and hearing my voice makes me happy remembering the enormous blessing she was to my children, but it’s also a dreadful sound.  It is the sound of what used to be, what we won’t hear again.

Cuddle day was spent being with friends ( sans cuddling, grown ups don’t do that), getting some work done and taking down christmas ornaments.  I love the ordinary moments that my kids will someday remember as extra-ordinary.  The simple things. Daddy watches Star Wars while he works, Mom listens to audible with Alexa, Nanny listens to sappy 80’s ballads. Mom loves coffee. Dad eats crappy Now & Laters late at night when he thinks everyone is asleep.

What extraordinary, ordinary things did you do with your family today?


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