Chocolate Day!

January 10 is dark chocolate day, but I don’t segregate. We love all chocolate here.  We started the day with Hot Chocolate, of course.  Everyone has to wake up early on Wednesday so the bigs can go to Biology and nobody likes it, except Declan. Declan loves it.  It’s such an interesting dynamic to have two kids close to entering teenhood, and one that’s just gotten to grade school level.  I personally love that my five year old is the one waking up my big kids and torturing them with early mornings like they did to me for years.  I don’t let him do it all the time, but sometimes…I’ve got to get my kicks somewhere. Chocolate day was one of them.  They LOVE me, can’t you tell??


Noah bought everyone chocolate bars at the gas station on the way to science and then Declan and I searched for items that had chocolate in them. We also watched a short video on the history of chocolate.  Declan’s take?  If chocolate is fruit I can have it whenever I want.  That was fun.  Then he shared his chocolate with his favorite friend. I had none.  Thanks kids.



We also tested out the man bun.  He was proud. Whatever, third child, just stay alive.

After dinner we had brownies.  And I did my share to help my husband with his OCD intervention, because that is true love.

I’m feeling snarky today. I hope my kids get the memo. January 11 is puddle day.  Stay tuned friends.


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