5 things that are easier to do without kids

My kids are with their grandparents this week and next. As many of you know, I’m a Homeschool mom and I work from home. I am never alone. EVER. Life is easy without kids.

1. Exercise– I spent an entire hour on the elliptical. 5 miles, 600 calories. For those of you that are pros, I know what’s amateur but I exercised without wondering whether or not Declan would still be awake when I got home, if Noah and Rylee were killing each other, and if someone remembered to take the trash out. I could clear my head and workout.

2. Work– I talked for weeks about all of the things I was going to work on this week that were long overdue. Setting up the office, putting the final touches on curriculum, setting up social media plan and more business related stuff. It’s Tuesday at 2 and I’m done.

3. Shopping– It costs less and there are substantially less headaches.

4. Watching TV-Do you know how long I’ve wanted to watch Gilmore Girls? FOREVER. I’ve watched two seasons since Sunday. Easy peasy.

5. Waking up-I wake up and help Jordan get out the door. I can leisurely eat breakfast and I don’t have to threaten anyone’s existence for talking to me before my coffee is in my veins. There are no mini dictators forcing me to mix Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Fruity Pebbles I’m one bowl. Just peace.

So it’s true, there’s a lot that is easier without kids. Everything is actually. But I miss them insanely. The silence is maddening. I feel like I have little to do because I get everything done so fast. I know that these trips are so good for my children, and for me so that I can cherish them 100x over when they get back. Being a mom is everything to me. Easier doesn’t equal better, not for me! I’ll take the hard and the annoying if that comes with my three favorite people ANYDAY!


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