A Word a Week- Evolve

Evolve- to deveop gradually from a simple, to a more complex form

I have a friend that is always telling me I do too much.  I don’t take on responsibilities because I am like “Ehh, I am bored, let’s do something else.” In fact, I am never bored. I work from home so I am always working. There is enough work to do to last me an eternity.  I also decided to take on an enormous work project (which is going to be epic by the way, just wait and see) to you know, cure that boredom.

The things I do daily-homeschool my kids, manage a business, manage my side job as a taxi driver, cook, housewife, hairdresser, personal shopper, psychologist, ring leader, teacher, boss etc, I just do because there are things that need to be done, and I figure out how to do them.  I truley believe it is all about the additude you have about life-and with a good one, you can accomplish anything.

But this year, so far I have taken a step back to look at my life work.  When it comes down to it, my biggest project, my largest accomplishment, my greatest joy will come from homeschooling and raising my children.  The beginning of this year I was doing everything “right”.  Tons of activities, running around like mad-men, enjoying all of the beautiful opportunities that our community has to offer. Today, February 7th, I have quit half of them. Probably more than half. I just stopped. They were sucking our joy from our life, and I wasn’t doing a good enough job of making sure things got done (the school part of homeSCHOOLING) and I was over it.

So now, I signed my kids up for an all online program. I have ZERO control.  For a control freak, even writing those makes me cringe a little bit.  NO CONTROL. My kids login, and learn the material that someone else presents for them, and then they answer questions and I assess thier progress. This week has been GLORIOUS. My kids love it, I get work done, they get work done.  Why didn’t I think of this sooner?

The same friend that is always on me about doing too much told me she was proud. Evolution isn’t just something that takes place over millions of years, and it’s not always monumental.  My heart has evolved over these past few months, into a bigger, more complex place-that’s simpler at the same time. Our homeschool has evolved, into a place where we are happy again and have one priority in mind-HAPPINESS. Less responsibility, and good friends to do life with-that’s winning.


Saturn: Declan’s Biography

Declan: Age 5

Born: on Saturn, in the middle. In the United States of Saturn

Temperature: It is always warm and sandy.  There are sand storms once a day.  To escape the the sand storms they type in stuff to their computer to create a force field for protection.

Food: Food is almost the same as the food on earth.  Corn is the best, except it’s brown on Saturn.

How he got to earth:  He came in a rocket ship. He crash landed on me (his mom’s belly). He was really 100 years old but came here to start a new life because he had to many toys on Saturn.

Animals: There are a lot of creatures on Saturn. Skeleton donkeys are often seen.  They are half skeleton, half spider.  They are EXTREMELY dangerous.   There are also crazy floating heads called olsheekobappas. They are giant floating heads with a skeleton face.

How dogs on earth are made:  They are sent from Saturn via radar.  Hair is collected on missions to earth.  The hair is put into a machine, in a factory where dogs are made. Once the dogs are completed they are radar transported to earth.


Celebrating all of the Holidays

A dear friend of mine, a fellow homeschooling mom and the one who gets all of the things done decided to celebrate all of the Holidays–not just the big ones, but the little ones too.  Like Bubble Wrap day! She was kind enough to share it  will add photos as we celebrate so you can follow along as we celebrate all the holidays. January 1st was a wash because we were all sick and yesterday there wasn’t a great holiday to celebrate so we will start tomorrow!

January 3-Sleep Day

January 4- Spaghetti Day

January 5-Bird Day

January 6- Cuddle Day

January 7-Pioneers Day (Liberia)

January 8-Bubble Bath Day

January 9- Peace Agreement Day (South Sudan)

January 10-Dark Chocolate Day

January 11- Puddle Splash Day

January 12-Pharmacist Day

January 13- Constitution Da (Mongolia)

January 14- Pet Dress Up Day

January 15- MLK DAy

January 16- Dragon Day

January 17- ?

January 18- Winnie The Pooh DAy

January 19- Popcorn Day

January 20-Cheese Day

January 21-Squirrel Appreciation Day

January 22- Blondie Day

January 23- Measure your feet Day

January 24- Compliment Day

January 25- Opposite Day

January 26-Spouse Day

January 27-Chocolate Cake Day

January 28-Kazoo DAy

January 29- Bubble Wrap Day

January 30-The Three Holy Hierarchs (Greece)

January 31- Inspire Art & Love day

Who is going to join us?