McDonald Family

Laura planned an awesome trip for our family! She was even able to get us a discount after some new promotions came out. We wanted to spend a week having the time of our lives at Disney World (because we plan on this being the only Disney World vacation) and we most certainly did! Our daughters met almost every princess! We met a barrage of characters (sometimes multiple times) and each time the girls faces lit with such amazement and joy! That was actually my favorite part � We rode almost every ride, went to the Not So Scary Halloween party (which was great!!) and saw some shows. We rode the monorail, a boat and a train! We pretty much had one character meal per day, which was so fun! The characters (or princesses) would come by your table to sign autographs and take pics and of course give HUGS!! Bonus!!!! Every park has a Starbucks! We had a blast and it was the perfect amount of time to spend there since everyone was ready to go on the last day! I’m so glad we had Laura to schedule and plan our trip! Her knowledge is so valuable and she makes the whole process so easy! �